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Support your chakras with energy-enhancing crystals, healing stones and more..


Balance Your Energies

When your chakras are balanced they will work together to create an optimal life.

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High Quality 220ML Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser enkelt val
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Handmade Chakra Bracelet Multi Color enkelt val
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Necklace 7 Chakra Gem Stone Beads enkelt val
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Incense Burner Stick Holder enkelt val
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Hand Carved USB Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp enkelt val
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Why Enkelt Val?

We strive to revive the seven centers of your body’s energies, known as chakras. By balancing these energies, you will benefit your emotional, physical and spiritual health.

We use healing stones, crystal, and everything that can give you peace, energy and happiness.

Heal yourself and your life

Products have been carefully selected and worthy of being your friend while practicing yoga and meditation, as well as a wonderful gift for everyone you love.

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I love all the products that give me a feeling of comfort or boost my mood, and this is what I found in enkelt val, where I found my order and more. Dealing with this store was easy and safe, and it encouraged me to deal with it more than once.
Thanks to enkelt val.

Catherine Smith

This is the third time that I deal with enkelt val, it has made it easy for me to choose gifts for my wife and children, so I want to thank you for the wonderful products that meet what I aspire to be.

Also, I would like to mention the speed of shipping, the quality of the product, and the very great prices

Paul Neldom
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You may want to send a gift, or you want to balance your body energy and give you a feeling of positivity ... We will help you with that and with exclusive offers only for you.

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