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About us

We strive to maintain the general level of your energy in the face of sources of stress and the vagaries of daily life.

The beginning is suffering, and continuing is a struggle :

Helping other people is not just about donating money. It can be much more than that. Among other things, it can be about providing tools that create opportunities to manage and develop their abilities. To discover that you can do more than reach out and take money from someone else to survive and support your family. The situation in Syria has been terrible for ten years. I have done my best to help my loved ones, even though I myself have not had it so easy. My sister fled to Lebanon with her family eight years ago.

This family has not had it so easy and I have supported several times. But the situation has been going on year after year and has deteriorated over time. In connection with the pandemic, everything got worse, barely enough food, two daughters 10, 6 years old do not go to school and family can not afford the rent. A while ago, when she and her husband have shown interest in doing more to their situation, I did not hesitate to give them the opportunities.

With her husband’s ability in internet and IT, we opened a site about drop shopping. The whole family, even the daughters, are struggling to get well so that they can hopefully have a better life. I support them and will continue to do so until they succeed.
If you also want to be involved and support this family, you do so by shopping on this website:

Enkelt Val (2)Zainab Al lababidi – Enkelt Val Owner

We are a family that works lovingly to provide you with the best products ever at the best prices! We stand behind our products and services and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We strive to treat each customer as a member of our family that is growing day by day.

Our goal at enkelt val is to provide a group of unique products represented by healing stones, to rebalance the chakras, to help you practice yoga, meditation, sleep, to raise your energy and to expel negative emotions.

We are committed to providing quality and customer service because we want you to be happy with our products and services.
If you have any questions, you can visit customer help or contact us

Customer Review

F. Ahmad

"The thing I liked the most about the story of this store is the quest and the struggle and the lack of despair, it is an inspiring story.”

Mark Smith

"I am honored that the person in the story is my dear friend, he has really suffered from many difficulties, but his insistence on success made him build this store.”


"I sympathized with the story of the family who strives to live in peace, I support this ambition and I was happy to purchase through this distinguished store with high quality products.”

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