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Healing Stones Guide enkelt val

Healing Stones Guide – Types of crystals healing stones

Crystals healing stones have all the aesthetic qualities, but in fact they have also been used since ancient times in treatment. Man has known since ancient times its use in the healing of diseases, and some still believe in it as a popular treatment. Crystals have an undeniable innate power, they are conscious beings that […]

chakra crystal use and clean enkelt val

Chakra crystals how to use and clean?

When you acquire crystals or healing stones, it is advisable to clean them from any previous energy. Methods for cleaning crystals: The best way to clean your crystals is to expose them to the smoke of burning a sage stick and let the smoke flow over the crystals.Also popular methods for cleaning crystals are: Sun […]


What is the relationship between a Himalayan salt lamp and positive energy?

When we talk about positive energy and how to raise its level in our bodies, the Himalayan salt lamp will be the hero of this story. Salt lamps are not only an art piece for your home decor, they are also used for energy balance. Before talking about the topic of our article, you must […]

enkelt val essential oils

What Are Essential Oils?

What are essential oils ?Benefits and uses Talking about essential oils has become a great concern for everyone looking for health and beauty because these oils have many benefits and many uses. Essential oils are mainly used for natural treatments and massages, and here we will review the most important information about essential oils. What […]

rose oil (2)

Rose oil

Rose oil … Need every body Roses have always been associated with attitudes, occasions and moments, sometimes used to express love and gratitude and sometimes as a gift to people we love and sometimes as a symbol of apology. But isn’t our body worth expressing love and gratitude to him, too? Rose oil is considered […]


Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil … Give yourself a sense of positivity. Due to the high demand for sandalwood oil, synthetic products of lower quality and lower price are spreading.So make sure you buy the original oil so you can get the required efficiency.Sandalwood oil is found in many fragrances and air fresheners. It’s a classic smell of […]

Rosemary oil (1)

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil … Boost your mood. Highly respected because it raises mood and helps gently relieve stress and mental tension, resulting in a greater sense of inspiration and energy! What is rosemary oil : Almost no dish is free from the use of rosemary because of its wonderful smell and unique bitter taste , rosemary […]

cinnamon oil (2)

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil … One of nature’s miracles throughout history. It has many internal and external uses and can treat many diseases as it is rich in antibacterial and antioxidants. What is cinnamon oil: Cinnamon is one of the miracles of nature throughout history and an essential component of natural therapy in ancient civilizations such as […]


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil … Friend of your succulent skin A few drops of tea tree oil in essential oil diffuser and inhaling it deeply will help you treat coughing, bronchial congestion and improve breathing. Caution : It has many benefits and beyond imagination, but taking it through the mouth causes poisoning. What is tea tree […]

Frankincense oil (2)

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil is a treasure of magical benefits This oil offers many benefits such as reducing stress and chronic anxiety, reducing inflammation and pain, strengthening the immune system and even some studies have supported its role in fighting cancer. The use of frankincense oil in general affects the area of control of emotions and the […]

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