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Chakra crystals how to use and clean?

chakra crystal use and clean enkelt val

When you acquire crystals or healing stones, it is advisable to clean them from any previous energy.

Methods for cleaning crystals:

The best way to clean your crystals is to expose them to the smoke of burning a sage stick and let the smoke flow over the crystals.
Also popular methods for cleaning crystals are:

Sun rays :

Exposing the crystals to sunlight will disinfect them, but be sure not to focus the sunlight in a way that could lead to a fire.

moon light :

The best time to clean your crystals is during the full moon as it has the added effect of charging your crystals, therefore
Placing crystals in moonlight for a few hours can disinfect them.

water :

Place the crystals under running water or submerge them in sea or salt water to clean them of negativity.
This method is not suitable for some types of crystals, so be careful!

Candle light:

Expose your crystals to candle light to rehydrate and envelop the light.

Cleansing spray:

It can be used to disinfect crystal, you can use water spray and essential oils.

Put it on the ground or next to plants:

The presence of crystals near their original source helps cleanse and replenish their energies.

Sea salt:

Put your crystals in sea salt overnight. Make sure to get rid of all the salt as soon as you remove the crystals from the salt.


With each method of cleaning, you have to believe that the negativity will disappear. What is important is the intention so that the crystal can conform to your intention.

Method of handling crystals:

After the crystal cleaning process, you need to set your intention in the crystal.
Put the crystals in your hands, and take a few deep breaths until you feel happy, relaxed, and allow energy to flow through you. Once you feel stable and content.
Once you think positive, the energy will flow into the crystal from your hands all the time.

You need to do this for a few minutes, at which time you will feel completely attached to the crystals, and so your crystals will be adjusted according to your desire.

The best place to carry, place or wear your crystals :

Most people tend to carry crystals with them – either in pockets, underwear, clothing, or purses/handbags. This allows you to have crystalline energy that surrounds you wherever you go during the day. The closer the crystal is to your body and skin, the better.

Special use of crystals:

Add crystals to the water to boost your energy from within. The energy of the crystals transfers to the water and when you then drink the water you boost it from within.

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