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Healing Stones Guide – Types of crystals healing stones

Healing Stones Guide enkelt val

Crystals healing stones have all the aesthetic qualities, but in fact they have also been used since ancient times in treatment. Man has known since ancient times its use in the healing of diseases, and some still believe in it as a popular treatment.

Crystals have an undeniable innate power, they are conscious beings that are used to purify energy and create harmony between your body and mind.

Types of crystals healing stones :

Tiger Eye :

Your mind and body can help you release fear and anxiety.
If you need a boost of strength, we recommend this golden stone.
Tiger’s eye is known to help you with harmony and balance, and it helps you make clear and critical decisions in your life.

Amethyst :

Purple stone is useful for prevention, healing, and purification, and it has the ability to rid your mind of negative thoughts and enhance spiritual wisdom.
It also helps in promoting sleep, thus relieving insomnia and enjoying dreams.
It also relieves pain and pressure.

Citrine :

He is known to crystallize joy and enthusiasm for every part of your life.
It helps you get rid of fear and negativity from your life, and thus enhances optimism and motivation.
It is also claimed to boost creativity and focus.

Turquoise :

A blue crystal helps heal the mind, body, and soul, as it is the master of crystals in balancing your feelings.

Quartz flower :

Love crystal as it is called. It helps restore trust and harmony in all different types of relationships while improving close relationships. It also helps you to provide comfort and calm, especially in our difficult days.

Jasper :

A crystal that strengthens the spirit and supports you in times of stress. It also protects you from negative feelings and promotes courage and confidence.

Clear quartz :

Crystal of focus, memory, and ability to stimulate the immune system and balance your entire body.

Obsidian :

It helps you to combat physical and emotional negativity, as well as get rid of frustrating emotional feelings. This magic crystal will aid in digestion, detoxification, and reduce pain and cramps.

Moonstone :

This stone saves you from annoying feelings of tension and instability.
It also promotes positive thinking and inspiration.

Bloodstone :

It helps cleanse the blood and improve blood circulation, and it also helps in relieving feelings of irritability, aggression, and impatience.

Sapphire :

This stone is called the wisdom stone because it gives you happiness, peace, and confidence, and it also relieves depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Ruby :

Restore your vitality and energy levels with this magic stone. It helps in improving your intellectual and even sexual powers by removing toxins from the blood and improving general circulation.

Summary :

The ability of these crystals not only to attract attention, nor are they fashionable, lies in their great ability to heal from physical illnesses and get rid of evil and all negative energies.

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