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lavender oil

The interest in the beauty of the lavender plant is not only due to its attractive purple color, but also the many benefits of the oil extracted from it.
Lavender oil is the main player in calming the body and the mind thanks to its healing powers in relieving stress and relieving pressure.

What is lavander oil?

Aromatherapy oils and aromatherapy have gained a good reputation for being friendly both body and mind. One of the most famous of these oils is lavender oil, which is derived from lavender flower. And extracted through the process of steam distillation.
The main habitat of lavender growth is in the Mediterranean basin, the Arabian Peninsula and Russia, knowing that it is now growing worldwide.

Lavender oil1

The golden benefits of lavender oil:

Each essential oil is unique and unique and provides its own benefits. Here’s what you need to know about how the most popular lavender oil can promote relaxation and calmness:

1- It helps you win healthier hours of sleep:

There are many studies about the effectiveness of lavender oil in obtaining a healthy sleep, as research indicated that inhaling lavender oil before bed helped increase the percentage of deep sleep time in healthy men and women.
This oil has an effective role in calming the nervous system and improving sleep in people with insomnia.

Tip : Inhale the lavender oil twenty minutes before bed and begin the sleep journey happily.”

2- It gives you control over tension:

In one study, researchers were able to demonstrate that lavender oil can be used as a medicine to treat generalized anxiety. As the experiment was conducted for six weeks for two groups, the first group used drugs to reduce anxiety, while the second group took an oral dose of lavender oil. At the end of the trial period, the anxiety rate between the two groups was similarly confirmed by 45% and 46%, respectively.

3- An effective remedy for insect bites and even your skin:

Just as lavender oil can calm the mind, it is also effective for calming the body. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties found in lavender oil, researchers have been able to use this oil to treat psoriasis and eczema,
It can even be used as a natural alternative to healing annoying insect bites.

4- It can fight fungal infections:

Lavender oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which can help get rid of it.
Advice: Do not use lavender oil or any essential oil on your vagina because it is very strong and can cause burns. Until now, researchers still need more research to understand how to use lavender oil in cases of fungal infection in the future.

5- It has wound healing properties:

One study applied to minor animal wounds found that when applying topical lavender oil, the wounds healed more quickly than other solutions.

6- It can help relieve headaches:

Research has undoubtedly confirmed the ability of lavender oil to relieve headaches with an immediate and lasting effect.

7- It gives you a magic touch to your skin:

Lavender oil has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which makes it an effective anti-aging fighter. Including a drop or two of Lavender oil in your favorite lotion or face cream will give your skin a boost of anti-oxidant power before bed.

How can I use lavender oil?

Lavender oil has many benefits, and there are many ways to use it. Usually used topically for healthy skin and hair, although methods can vary depending on your preferred application methods. 

It’s wise not to overdo the oil too hard – since it’s so concentrated, two or three drops are likely all you need.
You can also mix a few drops of lavender oil with shampoo or conditioner to get a solution to hair problems.
And when it comes to your skin, it is best to relieve it by using a carrier or neutral oil.
As for bedtime anxiety, placing the oil in a dispenser is your best bet. Among the most widespread. 

The essential oil diffuser consists of a small device that separates the oil molecules in the air, allowing inhalation easily.
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