Crystal Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
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Crystal Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp



Fill your room with health benefits with Himalayan salt that is well known thanks to its ability to purify the quality of the air in your home and relieve allergies in addition to enhancing your mood and improving your sleep and many benefits will be in your hands.

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Himalayan salt lamps are carved from pink Himalayan salt.
Among the most common benefits of Himalayan salt: cleanse the air, boost your mood, calm allergies, help you sleep, and more.

How to make the Himalayan salt lamp?
Himalayan salt attracts water molecules to it. So pollutants, dust, pollen and smoke are pulled out of the air, trapped and purified by the lamp, which will create a calm and relaxing environment, great for promoting sleep and fighting anxiety.

The Himalayan salt lamp releases negative ions into the air, which greatly and effectively expel negative energy and positive ions produced by the electronic devices surrounding us daily.

Special advantages of Himalayan salt lamp:
Its very attractive shape gives a feeling of relaxation and creates a wonderful atmosphere through soft and warm lighting, which changes in several colors according to your desire.


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