Tiger Eye Wrap Bracelet
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Tiger Eye Wrap Bracelet



Tiger Eye is the principal stone of solidarity, with savage and dynamic energy. It gives fearlessness and it reflects negative energies like a mirror. It is exceptionally helpful for individuals who experience difficulty deciding.

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Made with Vegan leather that is cruelty-free!
Length: approximately 89cm (35 inches) + 3 Closures for Adjustment/Sizing
Simple closure makes it adjustable for the perfect fit
Materials: Natural Stone –  Tiger’s Eye
Metals: Zinc alloy

Tiger’s Eye is an establishing stone. It advances trustworthiness, appropriate utilization of force, and completing what you start. Used to adjust feelings, quietly dispersed considerations, and resolve inner clashes.

Related to the Solar Plexus Chakra, Tiger’s Eye advances sensations of trust, fortitude, and moral duty. This stone lessens pessimistic contemplations and feelings coordinated at thyself that might be making individual misfortunes, stress, or sensations of being trapped. Tiger’s Eye urges you to use your assets to achieve huge objectives.

Jasper is a dark and thick assortment of Quartz. Its energy is moderate, steady, and lined up with the energies of the plant empowering one to be more present in the actual body. Jasper is an essential earth stone discovered all around the globe. The one-of-a-kind creativity of Jasper is that of nature itself. Its natural tones take after brilliant daylight, a 12 PM sky, dark green backwoods, desert sands, the sea, red stone gullies, and smokey mountains. Jasper advises us that while the Earth gives and gives and gives, it additionally has the ability to get.

Wear this Willpower Tiger’s Eye Wrap Bracelet and be helped to give up to remember convictions or thoughts that presently don’t serve you. Permit the hearty components of Jasper to rapidly assimilate and disintegrate undesirable energies. While every assortment of Jasper offers distinctive mending energies, all structures give establishing, dependability, and a more profound association with nature. Jasper gives us the renowned consolation once sung by Bob Marley, “Each seemingly insignificant detail is gonna be okay.”

Did you know ?
Your energy centers are seven chakras, and each chakra is associated with a specific color and area of the body.
Often stones and crystals recommended for specific conditions or health issues are chosen according to their color relationship with the related chakra.

2 reviews for Tiger Eye Wrap Bracelet

  1. Winston Hyde

    Very beautiful and very cool

  2. Olevia Lauder

    A wonderful feeling I felt after wearing this bracelet, elegant and charming

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