White Chalcedony Bracelet
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White Chalcedony Bracelet



Chalcedony has been known as the “stone of fellowship” that draws in energies of adoring benevolence and altruism to all.

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Item Type: Bracelet
Item Condition: Brand New
Material: Natural Stone
Chain Type: Elastic
Bracelet Length: Approx 6.30 – 7.87 inches / 16 cm – 20 cm
Bead Size: Approx. 0.31 inch / 8 mm

Chalcedony has been known as the “stone of fellowship” that draws in energies of adoring benevolence and altruism to all. This stone retains negative energy and afterward dissolves it away so it won’t move to another person. This stone is normally used to advance smoothness, assuage misery, improve one’s perspective, to disperse self-question, assemble certainty, and forestall antagonism and outrage.

White chalcedony is otherwise called the “mother stone,” due to its properties that advance security and supporting.
It is a supporting stone that advances by and large liberality.

It is said to help with passionate equilibrium, endurance, essentialness, perseverance, energy, thoughtfulness, and benevolence.

It lightens antagonism, self-question, negative musings and feelings, and bad dreams.

White Chalcedony has a significance and impact of adjusting your body and psyche. This gemstone has extremely delicate recuperating power. It would recuperate your uneasiness and trouble and cause you to feel quiet. White Chalcedony would take your energy back to its unique quiet and serene state.

As a stone of correspondence, the Throat Chakra is accepted to be animated by it which thusly, permits the energy of other Chakras to be communicated effectively too. Its conveyor can impart their thoughts, convictions and feelings openly.

Did you know ?
The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. It describes the energy centers in the physical body. Through meditation and practice, we can use chakras to help us with energy flow and alignment.
They are a part of every aspect of us as humans, how we feel and connect with the world around us. We can use our chakras to help with stress and increase our energy throughout the day.

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