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Rose oil ... Need every body

Roses have always been associated with attitudes, occasions and moments, sometimes used to express love and gratitude and sometimes as a gift to people we love and sometimes as a symbol of apology. But isn’t our body worth expressing love and gratitude to him, too?

Rose oil is considered the most expensive compared to other essential oils where it requires the extraction of 5 ml of rose oil for about 10 thousand roses, but what distinguishes this oil is its strong concentration as a very small amount of it is enough to give you great and effective benefits.

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What is rose oil ?

Rose oil contributes to the treatment of health and cosmetic problems throughout the ages due to its refreshing aroma and its benefits that exceed the beauty of the shape and the pleasant smell.
Rose oil is extracted from the flower petals by steam distillation.
Rose oil is rich in vitamins and compounds that made him the master of essential oils and among these compounds:
– Phenyl acetaldehyde.
– Phenyl Geraniol.
– Methyl eugenol.
– Nerol.
– Farnisol.
– Citral.
– Citronol.
Through most research and studies, great benefits have been identified for this magic oil. Rose oil is characterized by its ability to reduce anxiety, fight depression, and promote mental activity, as well as enhance sexual desire.
Not only that, but rose oil can help your body and skin maintain its activity and freshness by fighting stress and headaches, fighting infections, alleviating acne, caring for skin health, speeding up wound healing, and many many more, which we will list later in the article.

Benefits of Rose oil :

1- Helps in the treatment of depression and anxiety :

Rose oil has an important role in improving the mood, this is what happens with most of us when watching the landscape and roses, just inhaling a rose that will feel calm and relaxing.

Tip : A few drops of rose oil with lavender oil in essential oil diffuser will be enough to give you that feeling, or you can put a little of it on your wrists and the back of your neck.

2- Fighting the love of young people :

Rose oil is antimicrobial and pictria that causeacne, and this oil generally maintains the health and freshness of the face.

Caution : Do not put oil directly on the face but should be diluted with carrier oil such as almond oil or jojoba oil, as you can add it to face wash or body lotion.

3- Anti-aging :

Free radicals cause damage to skin tissues and therefore wrinkles will form, so rose oil promotes skin health and slows the aging process because it contains antioxidants that resist free radicals responsible for skin damage and aging.

4- Promotes libido :

Rose essential oil offers great benefit to all men with anxiety and stress related to sexual performance, because it helps balance sex hormones, and contributes to increased sex drive and enhanced libido.
Of course, this information came after clinical trials of a group of men who improved their sexual ability after reducing the symptoms of depression that they shared in bed.

5- Relieving menstrual pain :

Rose oil has been experimented with relieving the symptoms associated with the first dysmenorrhea, which is a spasminocable pain in the lower abdomen that occurs before or during menstruation.
The result was that rose oil therapy is effectively helpful in relieving the pain associated with the first dysmenorrhea.

6- A gentle natural scent for your body :

Rose oil is included in the manufacture of most perfumes, as well as added to cosmetic products and products.
For us, it only takes a few drops of this oil behind your ears or on your wrists and stay away from the artificial fragrances on the market.

How do you use rose oil ?

– You can spread oil in your home using a diffuser or you can inhale the oil directly.
– Use topically with dilution using carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba before applying it topically.
– Test a patch on a small area first before using the oil.
– You can add a few drops of essential oil to the face wash, bath water or body wash.

To get the most out of rose oil we recommend you to get our diffuser for essential oils.

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