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Rosemary oil ... Boost your mood.

Highly respected because it raises mood and helps gently relieve stress and mental tension, resulting in a greater sense of inspiration and energy!

What is rosemary oil :

Almost no dish is free from the use of rosemary because of its wonderful smell and unique bitter taste , rosemary twigs have been used to help prevent meat damage.
Rosemary was sacred to most ancient civilizations such as Pharaonic, Roman and Greek because it had many amazing health benefits.

Rosemary oil is characterized by the pharmacy’s natural specifications it is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antifungal, pain reliever, promote digestion, stimulate blood circulation, and improve breathing, because it contains ingredients such as rosemarnic acid, kafic acid, bitulateric acid, carnosic acid, orsolic acid, carnosol, and eucalyptus.

Benefits of rosemary oil :

1- Strengthening the immune system :

Rosemary oil contains powerful antioxidants such as carnosol and merciin, which help protect your body from diseases and diseases.

Information : Regular inhalation of rosemary oil can help strengthen and strengthen your immune system.

2- Anti-inflammatory and relieving muscle and joint pain :

Because it contains rosemaric acid and carnosol, rosemary oil has the ability to relieve muscle and joint pain, relieve swelling and fight pain, and contain alpha-penin, it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and also helps relieve cough, cold, and flu.

3- Improving digestion :

Massage your stomach and feet with rosemary oil to help you improve the quality of stomach acid secretions and bile juices produced by the liver and thus improve digestion.
In addition, rosemary oil can help relieve constipation, stomach cramps, bloating, and symptoms of indigestion.

4- Improving blood circulation :

Rosemary oil improves blood circulation, rapid blood clotting, which accelerates wound healing and pain relief.

5- Treating headaches :

Massage your forehead using a few drops of rosemary oil to relieve symptoms of frequent headaches and migraines because rosemary oil contains pain-relieving ingredients, thereby relieving headaches.

6- Relieves cough, cold and flu :

What causes these diseases and symptoms of cough, colds and flu is due to bacterial or viral infections, but with rosemary oil when inhaled it will act effectively as an antibacterial and inflammatory and reduce those symptoms and diseases.

7- Improving respiratory function :

Note that breathing improves for those who have used inhalation of rosemary oil because it contains camphor and eucalyptol, which helps expand the airways in the lungs and helps in better air flow.
Inhaling rosemary oil will relieve a number of respiratory problems, such as chest congestion and nasal congestion. It also relieves muscle spasms.

8- Reduce stress :

Inhaling rosemary oil reduces the level of cortisol in saliva.

Information : High cortisol is evidence of feeling of stress and chronic stress, which may threaten the hormonal balance in the body, normal metabolism and many diseases.

So enjoy relaxation, tranquility and peace by simply putting a few drops of rosemary oil in essential oil diffuser .

9- Contributing to the fight against cancer :

Some research has found that carnosol is effective in the fight against cancer, and since it is an essential ingredient in rosemary oil, the use of this oil has an anti-cancer effect of colon, pancreas, breast, prostate, cervix, bladder, ovarian cancer and leukemia.

Caution : Studies have not proven this research yet, but there is no harm in the use of inhaling rosemary oil, there may be benefits in this context.

10- Remove the bad smell :

Because of its attractive smell, it is widely used in air fresheners and scented candles to remove bad smells, and is commonly used in cosmetics, bathing products and perfumes.

11- Promotes oral health :

Because of its antibacterial activity, this oil can be considered as a mouthwash because it helps prevent gingivitis and plaque buildup and prevent tooth decay.

12- Improving cognitive functions :

You can try inhaling rosemary oil by adding a few drops in the essential oil diffuser in case you want to focus on performing a task at work or during study because it helps improve concentration and strengthen memory.

13- Helps reduce nervous tension and fatigue :

Inhaling rosemary oil will be a factor in making you more active and help increase your blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate, thus eliminating you from feeling tired or stressed.

14- Acts as an antidepressant :

One of the great benefits of rosemary oil is to create an anti-depressant effect due to carnosol and bitumenic acid found in it and to help you relax.

15- Helps to relieve anxiety :

Inhaling rosemary oil for a group of students helped reduce stress and relieve anxiety before tests.

16- Reduces acne and fights signs of aging :

Rosemary oil has the ability to reduce acne, bulging under the eye, and improve blood circulation, in addition, it also fights damage caused by sunlight.
In addition, it fights the signs of aging as it increases blood flow and rotation, which gives the skin freshness.

17- Promotes hair health :

With all the many benefits of this oil, it can also help treat dandruff and protect your hair from breakage and loss, it stimulates hair growth and alopecia treatment.

18- Mosquito repellent and insects :

Rosemary oil contains limonene and camphor to repel all types of insects.

19- Rosemary oil for sex :

Because of the antioxidant properties in rosemary oil, it improves the level of testosterone and improves semen quality.

To get the most out of rosemary oil we recommend you to get our diffuser for essential oils.

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