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Tea tree oil ... Friend of your succulent skin

A few drops of tea tree oil in essential oil diffuser and inhaling it deeply will help you treat coughing, bronchial congestion and improve breathing.

Caution : It has many benefits and beyond imagination, but taking it through the mouth causes poisoning.

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What is tea tree oil :

Human life throughout the ages has been mainly dependent on the use of essential oils in cleansing and resistance to bacteria after extracting them from plants, and has been an important factor in the treatment, scenting and beauty.
Tea tree oil is not derived from the tea plant from which the tea we drink is made, but from the steaming of the original tea tree leaves found in Australia.
It was ancient and until now used as a natural antibacterial disinfectant, as well as as a wound disinfectant.
Recently, tea tree oil has shown enormous medicinal benefits, according to studies and research.

Benefits of tea tree oil :

1- Insect repellent:

Tea tree oil is more effective in expelling mosquitoes than commercial products containing deet (diethylene toluamide).
Tea tree oil helps keep away annoying insects, and even if you’re exposed to their sting, tea tree oil is able to relieve itching as a result of stinging.

2- Mouthwash :

The healing properties of the oil and its fragrant aroma will help you give you a refreshing breath.
Tea tree oil also has the ability to relieve oral infections by gourding it while avoiding swallowing,
But it should be used at a low concentration of 2.5%.

3- For a healthy scalp :

  • Dandruff treatment : Preliminary results have shown that regular use of tea tree oil with a concentration of 5% may be helpful in reducing dandruff.
  • Elimination of head lice : Using tea tree oil with lavender oil is an effective treatment for the healing of lice by 97,6%.

Information : Regular scalp massage using tea tree oil strengthens the roots of the hair by pumping blood to the roots, and prevents its loss.

4- Natural deodorant :

In general, bacteria are a strong cause of the bad smell of sweat, so the containment of tea tree oil on natural antibacterial substances has made this oil an urgent and persistent need as a home remedy to rid us of this problem.

5- Tea tree oil disinfectant for wounds :

Many of us in this world are exposed during his lifetime to many superficial wounds, so in this case we recommend using tea tree oil to cleanse minor wounds and their ability to stimulate wound healing.

6- Treating lip cracks :

Tea tree oil is a good choice in the treatment of lip cracks as it gives you gentle moisturizing, especially in winter, where most of us have a problem of lip cracks.

7- Natural makeup remover :

You can try tea tree oil as a natural make-up remover, by mixing it with coconut oil or almond oil.
This experience will spare you an expensive make-up remover that can harm your skin because it contains chemicals.

8- Tea tree oil for the treatment of dark circles :

Experiments and research have not stopped extracting more benefits than tea tree oil, and now this oil has another use in the treatment of dark circles surrounding the eye and has already been proven to be effective in this.

9- Tea tree oil to moisturize the skin :

It is also one of the most effective oils that can be used to moisturize dry skin.

10- Hand sanitizer :

Instead of using chemicals in sterile products and hand disinfectants, tea tree oil can be used as a natural solution to fight and effectively eliminate germs.

11- Other common benefits :

– Treatment for acne.
– Antibacterial and fungal infections.
– Used in cleaning materials as a disinfectant and a bactericidal killer.
– Eliminates the forms of mold in some areas and corners of the house.
– Gives your clothes a charming fragrance.
– An effective anti-inflammatory of skin infections, wounds and some skin diseases such as eczema and rashes.
– Treatment of sunburn or normal burns.
– Tea tree oil is an effective treatment for getting rid of boils, abscesses and warts.
– The use of tea oil delays the appearance of early aging because it contains antioxidants.

Summary : In addition to its health and aesthetic benefits, tea tree oil also has a positive effect on the psyche, as inhaling it helps to relieve stress, anxiety, psychological comfort and relaxation.

To get the most out of tea tree oil we recommend you to get our diffuser for essential oils.

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