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What Are Essential Oils?

What are essential oils ?Benefits and uses

Talking about essential oils has become a great concern for everyone looking for health and beauty because these oils have many benefits and many uses. Essential oils are mainly used for natural treatments and massages, and here we will review the most important information about essential oils.

What are essential oils?

CAUTION: In order to be ready to use it must be mixed with a carrier oil because it focuses on the aroma and flavor.


Essential oils are natural compounds extracted from different plants with special natural slow processes.
Essential oils are extracted from plants through distillation process using water, steam, or by mechanical means.

Essential oils completely evaporate without leaving any traces, and they also have a strong aromatic scent.
Essential oils are often used to soften the atmosphere, or take advantage of their benefits through inhalation, and some can be used internally or as well.
Among the most famous essential oils, which are called essential oils :
Peppermint oil , Frankincense oil , Tea tree oil , Lavender oil , Lemon oil , Rosemary oil , Chamomile oil ,  
Rose oil , Sandalwood oil , Jasmine oil , Eucalyptus oil , Cinnamon oil

How do we benefit from essential oils?

The basis for using essential oils is natural remedies and massages.
But there are other ways to take advantage of essential oils.

For example : you can add a few drops in warm water to the bathtub, or add a few drops to the face wash, and the most common these days is to inhale the aroma of essential oils.

For the best inhalation experience, use the essential oil diffuser that we recommend you purchase from our store.

Benefits of essential oils:

Essential oils have many benefits, here are the most important:

1- Treating anxiety, depression and stress :

Essential oils help to improve mood by fighting anxiety and stress and fighting depression, and this is done either by inhaling these oils or by using them in massage and physical therapy.

2- Headache and migraine treatment:

Initial studies have shown that the use of peppermint oil has an effective effect to relieve migraine and migraine pain.

3- Improving immunity and treating infections:

Essential oils in their composition contain substances that are sterile in nature, and they help to reduce infections, whether caused by a bacterial or fungal.
Some oils have a role in strengthening the body’s immunity, as an example mentioned the most important of them: lemon oil – cinnamon oil.

4- Rebalance of body hormones:

Especially estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid hormones.
And essential oils have an auxiliary factor in treating conditions and diseases that may harm fertility, such as: ovarian cyst syndrome, as well as menstrual problems and menopause.

5- For healthy hair and skin:

Essential oils help to fight acne, fight aging spots, protect skin from harmful sun rays, increase hair density, and the most important of these oils: tea tree oil, rosemary oil.


Benefits of essential oils in home air :

– Increased energy levels in the body.
– Improve brain function and focus.
– Pain relief.
– Rid the body of toxins.
– Improve sleep quality.

We advise you to purchase the diffuser for the essential oils of our store to obtain the maximum benefits because it is characterized by high quality and long life.

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